Renovations 3-27-14

If you've been in the Library in the past few days, you've seen the big reveal - the temporary walls are down! There is still electrical work ongoing.  When that is complete, the rest of the ceiling tiles can be installed.  When the finish work is done on the new carpeting, we will begin moving the media collection into its new home.

 no walls

genius walls

A view of the "genius walls."  On the left, you can see an office space. On the right, the first of three new study rooms.

 study rm3

Here is a the first of two small group study rooms that can be reserved.

study rm

Here is the second small group study room.

ref corridor

This corridor makes the new study rooms easily reached from the Reference area.

dropin study

A larger space is going to be available as a drop-in study space that does not require a reservation.

comm room

This is the new community room that will be used for library programs and community meetings.


A dry erase whiteboard is built right into the wall.

cs office

There is a waiting area that will have seating in the new Community Service space.


 Renovation Update 3-7-14

The workmen have been busy and our renovation is progressing nicely.  First step - demolition.  Then electrical wiring, HVAC and a new grid to hold the new ceiling and lighting had to be installed.


Dangling wires and boxes of ceiling tiles as the room takes shape.


Next comes the sheetrock, spackling and sanding.

secondcoat comroom

The first coat of paint and then the second coat and things are starting to look pretty good.

Next phase is to take up the old carpeting and tile and put down new flooring.  Then the walls will be installed to create the new home of the Media collection, the Community Service Department, great study space and a wonderful community meeting room.  We look forward to inviting you to enjoy this new space in the near future.




for website

Our renovation project has begun! The DVD's and CD's are now temporarily on shelves in the reading lounge.  (Lounge seating has been relocated to the Reference area.)  The Community Service staff is sharing space with other departments but just ask for them at the Circulation or Info Desk and they will be right out to help you.

Electrical, heating and ventilation work and preparation for new floors and walls is underway behind the temporary walls.  We hope to unveil the completed renovation before the 50th anniversary celebration of the our current library building.  This project will result in:

  • A beautiful new meeting room for community groups and library programs.

  • More space for group and quiet study.

  • New office space for the Community Service Department. 

  • The Media collection will be conveniently located in the front where Community Service used to be.