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abi inform Search 200 regional and local business publications.

abi trade Search for companies, industries & products from 1,250 journals.

Best's Library Center (available in library only) (This site can not be accessed outside of the library)

am best2 crop 600x338  In-depth analysis and ratings of insurance companies.

 Business and trade publications, and international,
 U.S. and regional news publications.

 U.S. and international company profiles and histories.

 Industry rankings, investment reports and financial overviews.

Proquest 1 Profiles of more than 40,000 companies, 600 industries, and 225,000 key executives.

morningstar 300x102  Investment research of 25,000 mutual funds and 15,000 stocks.

nuwav Legal docments and forms geared for New York State residents.

 Directory info for U.S. businesses, residences, doctors and dentists.
 Annual reports, 10-Ks and other SEC information.

weiss ratings  Independent ratings of banks, credit unions and insurers.